I’m Kim, a writer, author, designer, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, trained as an architect, living near Montréal, Canada.

The Modern House Bus is now available for order (published by The Countryman Press).

My Etsy shop is now open!

etsy shop

So I finally took the plunge and opened a shop over at Etsy. If you’re interested, my artwork is now available as prints, posters and cards (singles or packs of 6).

As you’ve seen with my architecturally-themed illustrations, my focus is on where “Architecture Meets Art.” I also welcome commissions for fantastical drawings of that special place you have in mind. Send me a message via onecollectivepsyche [at] gmail [dot] com, along with a brief description of why this particular spot is so unique to you, as well as any photos or videos you may have, and I will send you an estimate for price and time required to complete your custom project.

Thanks for visiting!

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