I’m Kimberley, a writer, author, designer, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, music mixer, trained as an architect, living near Montréal, Canada.

The Modern House Bus is now available for order (published by The Countryman Press).



Hi, I’m Kim.

I write, design, draw & teach yoga.

I’m a writer, author, designer and artist living outside of Montréal, Canada. I grew up in the suburban flatlands of southern Ontario, surrounded by city life and not much nature. I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil. After attending architecture school, a few stints in New York City and three detours through India, I found myself slowly but surely inspired to go on another trajectory.

We live in times of great transition, when old cultural myths and institutions no longer hold. In the ongoing evolution of human consciousness, part of the process involves constructing new myths — new images of who we are in relation to the universe. My writing and creative work explores the relationship between the mysteries of nature and the collective human psyche, in the making of a new mythology — not the modern myths of “progress” and conquest of nature, but of an emergent, interconnected “Gaian mind.” I am searching for patterns of the positive, the uplifting and the transcendental: stories about urban and societal renewal, transformation, wholeness, permaculture, treehouses, homes on wheelstechnological alchemy and the miracles of the everyday, present moment.

New book out: The Modern House Bus

Résumé / Artist CV / Yoga instructor CV

Artist Statement

Stemming from a training in architecture, my drawings are illustrative vignettes exploring the conscious and unconscious relationships we have with our built environment. These whimsical illustrations are visual re-interpretations of beloved or memorable places which give meaning to an otherwise anonymous city. My artwork poses the question whether spaces can be more than something that is merely moved through, but rather a shared, experiential consciousness.

Focusing on Montreal’s urban spaces, cultural life and other compelling urban mysteries, my work hopes to chart alternate realities that are always in the process of unfolding.


I welcome commissions for illustrations, graphic, web or architectural design work, as well as for writing/editing. Send me a message via info [at] collectivepsyche [dot] com or use the contact form below to get in touch.


I have been practicing yoga since 2005, and have been certified to teach in the Integral Yoga style since 2008. I began as a student of Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City, and have since expanded my studies with related lineages like Sivananda Yoga, in addition to Vipassana and mindfulness meditation. I’m inspired by the belief that yoga is a kind of spiritual poetry, a devotional practice, and a complete science and life path of peaceful self-transformation that heals, nurtures and connects us to the greater Universe. Check out the teaching schedule at Integral Yoga Institute Montréal.


If you have questions or would like to commission me for a project, you can email me using the contact form below, or email info[at]collectivepsyche[dot]com.

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