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The Leiby Kletzky Murder: Will More Surveillance Cameras Make Our Kids Safer?

It’s every parent’s nightmare: earlier last week, an 8-year-old boy went missing after taking a wrong turn on his first walk home alone from day camp in a Brooklyn neighborhood. A mere seven blocks, with his mother waiting halfway — but he never made it. A massive two-day search ended in the heart-wrenching and shocking discovery of Leiby Kletzky’s dismembered body in a neighborhood man’s apartment — several blocks away in the same neighborhood. The decisive break in this disturbing case came from security camera footage which caught the final movements of Leiby, which led to the eventual identification and capture of his killer.

In the wake of the murder, local politicians now want to give New York City businesses tax breaks to encourage them to install more surveillance cameras, ostensibly under legislation called “Leiby’s Initiative.”

But will this actually prevent future kidnappings? Taken at face value, this measure might seem to make sense, especially in our society’s culture of fear, obsession with ‘safety’ and litigation.

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