I’m Kimberley, a writer, author, designer, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, music mixer, trained as an architect, living near Montréal, Canada.

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We Are The Dreamed

We are our stories, our collective dreamings — nor are we alone, as our modernist, isolationist culture of self-destructive madness would like us to believe. Our imaginings, the thought forms we send out as a species, do matter — on a level that may not be physically perceivable, but it nonetheless exists. Thought is power, we are power, we are what we dream. We dream-create social structures, ways of living, interacting, expressing.

Structure, not content, determines how energy will flow, where it will be directed, what new forms and structures it will create. Hierarchical structures, no matter what principles they espouse, will breed new hierarchical structures that embody ‘power-over’ not ‘power-from-within’. [..]

Culture is a set of stories we tell each other again and again. These stories have shapes.  The shapes of the stories — not the characters, the setting, the details — shape our expectations and our actions.

— Starhawk, Dreaming the Dark

We have been telling ourselves certain stories over our history, the ramifications of which are constantly emerging. We are creating these structures that oppress, kill and corrupt, just as we could do the opposite. Author Paul Levy reminds us that this is a living process:

What is currently playing out in the collective body politic is a process that has been gestating in the depths of the human psyche over millennia. There has been a preparatory process going on within the human psyche over the history of our species that has unleashed the very forces that are at work today in the world. [..] World events are being cooked up in the crucible of the collective unconscious of humanity into living experiences.

Jung writes “no explanation of the psychic can be anything other than the living process of the psyche itself.” This means that these very words about the psyche are the “living process” of the psyche reflecting upon itself. Jung reminds us that “We should not forget that in any psychological discussion we are not saying anything about the psyche, but that the psyche is always speaking about itself.” Not just in these words, but in everything, at every moment.

The universe is an oracle, an instantaneous feedback loop that is a living revelation of itself, and it is speaking symbolically, just like a dream. Literally.

Dream is destiny.