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Permablitz This! Balcony Gardening Workshop

Turning a ho-hum balcony into a little oasis of blooming green (or at least starting to!) one July weekend in 2009. For this one-day workshop / permaculture blitz, we made self-watering containers, transplanted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, one banana and herbs, made a climbing wall, and started a rainwater collection system, made out of recycled election boards (before we got rained in.)

Some photos of the day:







What you will need:

  • Food grade buckets (free from pizza joints/restos, just ask)
  • PVC pipe 1″ diameter (got some from local Eco-Centre for cheap, just Google ’em)
  • Soil (potting)
  • Medium string
  • Election boards (waterproof and free)
  • Saw
  • Scissors, Exacto
  • Chicken wire (found on curb)
  • Seedlings (free from Montreal Permaculture Guild, Concordia Greenhouse, some purchased at Rona)
  • Lots of love and teamwork


The sunflower blooms, some weeks later:



What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a contraction of “permanent agriculture” or “permanent culture.” Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments, ie. designing ecological human habitats and food production systems. It is an international land use and community building movement which strives for the harmonious integration of human dwellings, microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, and water into stable, productive communities. The focus is not on these elements themselves, but rather on the relationships created among them by the way we place them in the landscape. This synergy is further enhanced by mimicking patterns found in nature.

A central theme in permaculture is the design of ecological landscapes that produce food — whether it’s on a piece of land, one’s backyard or balcony.

More on permacultural principles here, and more on “Permablitzes” (An informal gathering involving a day on which a group of at least two people come together to design and realize an edible garden) here. More on Montréal Permablitzes here.