I’m Kimberley, a writer, author, designer, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, music mixer, trained as an architect, living near Montréal, Canada.

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Nadukuppam Women’s Center

This was a project partnership with Architecture For Humanity and the Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre of Auroville, India, for a community building for three local Women’s Self-Help Groups (WSHGs), located in Nadukuppam Village, Tamil Nadu, India.

Earth building techniques

The structure is constructed out of compressed stablized earth blocks (CSEBs), which are ecologically-friendly because they are made from soil dug from the immediate site, and produce none of the carbon emissions and deforestation associated with kiln-fired bricks. I was the architectural designer on this project, working closely with design architect Purnima McCrutcheon. Total cost: $5,711.

Above images: (1) Entry to Women’s Centre, (2) Exterior view during construction, (3) Underside of eave (4) Auroville Earth Institute training course: different earth types, making mortar, comparison of mortar, blocks drying, (5) the AURAM 3000 compressed earth block (CSEB) press, testing for strength, making an earth lintel, earth arch