I’m Kimberley, a writer, author, designer, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, music mixer, trained as an architect, living near Montréal, Canada.

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Via Spiritual Resources and Rupert Sheldrake:

The morphic field, is an energy field created and added to by resonance. All consciousness has a form and every form creates an energy resonance within and around it. In this context, resonance refers to not only physical forms but to thoughts, behaviors, cultures, collectives, etc., which vibrate in sympathy with each other. This sympathetic resonance actually increases the intensity of that vibration.

Resonance is what generates and shapes a morphic field.  A morphic field can be likened to a habit, a building of energy around something by doing the same thing over and over. We can create powerful habits by using energy (focused or casual) to strengthen anything we choose. Most spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical writings teach the concept of an energy resonance field. Now, there is scientific research to add efficacy to what the ancient wisdoms have known for centuries. An energy resonance field can:

  • be built upon;
  • establish characteristics;
  • be strengthened by repetitious actions and/or thoughts; and
  • be added to by others of similar resonance, thus generating and integrating new information and variety within the field of that form, and making it easier to access information when stepping into that field.

So, learning something new becomes easier once others have learned it because of the accumulated resonance (morphic resonance), which creates an energy field (morphic field). [..]

Evolution itself has a morphic field. [..] Critical mass is a morphic field. [It] is an energy resonance grouped around spiritual wakefulness, inclusive action and compassionate understanding for the collective called humanity. When the morphic field is strong enough, it will tip the scale of human conduct to such a degree that behaviors like greed, suppression, carelessness for life and judgments will no longer have energetic support.

This began as a visual musing on the nature of transformation, expressed with the dragonfly’s symbolism as an agent of change and adaptation. As we change, or channel change itself, we realize that we are change, we are transformation, we are that power. This personal exploration eventually stretched over the period of two years as a trajectory through some major changes of the real-world kind, inside and out. Relationships, teachings and life patterns which served well were explored further with a renewed commitment; those that did not were put aside. Needless to say, it is not entirely a painless experience.

But what doesn’t break, is made stronger, when we guide change in a positive way. With our individual choices and microcosmic, conscious strivings to self-realize, we affect the collective field of energy that underlies all existence and drives this morphogenetic process of evolution. This, in itself, is a gift.