I’m Kimberley, a writer, author, designer, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, music mixer, trained as an architect, living near Montréal, Canada.

The Modern House Bus is now available for order (published by The Countryman Press).


Created in Adobe Photoshop and meant to be read as one long strip, “Metamorph” depicts the birth, life and death of the fictional Jessica Papillon, told in digital comics style.


It’s inspired by a quote by the founder of Auroville, dubbed “The Mother“, which goes: “Death is merely a transformation of the consiousness, nothing more.” This perspective finds a basis in other traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism, which talks of phowa, or “the practice of conscious dying”, “transference of consciousness at the time of death” and “mindstream transference” — ie. projecting one’s consciousness at the time of death into a more favourable plane of existence.

Many thanks to the talented DJ Longstocking, who graciously modelled for this piece.