I’m Kimberley, a writer, author, designer, artist, yoga and meditation instructor, music mixer, trained as an architect, living near Montréal, Canada.

The Modern House Bus is now available for order (published by The Countryman Press).


Whether working as part of a team or individually, or collaborating with other collectives, I’ve created and helped to install unique deco environments for various music events and festivals (Resonessence, Free Life, Ralliance, Timeless, Funambule, Natura, R.E.V.E. Samsara). Inspired by themes of circularity, modularity, nature and ancient customs that bring the community together — these colourful, ephemeral spaces are developed with the aim to inspire and honour our inherent interconnectedness.

(Photos: Resonessence and Free Life Festival, in collaboration with Magic Carpet}

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