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In Memory of John Trudell (1946 – 2015)


Indigenous activist, poet and writer John Trudell passed away last week on December 8, 2015. His voice will be missed around the world. I previously wrote about his courageous activism, encouraging us to act in non-cooperation with a capitalist system that is slowly killing the planet — and our humanity.

Once again, in my daily life practices I’m reminded of the truth that “we are energy” and where we put our energy really matters. If we want a better world, we have to put our energy behind that belief, whatever form it may take.

We may not want to believe it, but modern society as it stands today wants to disempower us as human beings, resplendent as it is with technological bread and circuses, and other forms of subtle and not-so-subtle social conditioning, expressed through our unsustainable, sprawling cities and the echo-chamber of our media. Our apparent disempowerment is reflected in the global epidemic of addiction — to drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, technology — anything to fill the void left by the disintegration of self-knowledge, community and meaning.

But there is hope, I think. We must look closely — not just around us, but within ourselves. There are everyday miracles, and sometimes they are closer than we think. We must never forget that power lies not in the system, but in us, ourselves. We built this structure, these modern myths and falsehoods, and we can take it apart. “We are power.”

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