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Mathemusician’s doodles demystifies the agony of numbers

Mathematics is a beautiful language that helps us describe nature and her inexorable laws. For the layman (or laywoman in my case) this means a garbled bunch of indecipherable symbols, Greekery and equations, but it need not be the case if you would like to comprehend some concepts intuitively.

One person that I’ve come across who explains it without much fuss — and almost breathlessly, it seems — is YouTuber Vi Hart. Her singsong monologues are entertaining, insightful and best of all, educational, whether it’s explaining the Fibonacci series or mind-blowing hexaflexagons, and usually accomplished with masterful doodles.

Her “mad genius” has been noted by the likes of Salon and TED, and extends into music too. Check out her “mathemusician” side, and some arcane tidbits about Pachebel’s Canon in D below:

Beyond brilliant, check out more over at Vi Hart‘s YouTube channel.

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