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“The universe is the body of God, and God is still learning”


The sixth man on the moon, Edgar Dean Mitchell, talks to Ascent magazine’s Sarah E. Truman about looking at spiritual experiences from the point of view of quantum science.

SET  What aspects of quantum science?

EM  The quantum attributes that we are concerned with are entanglement, coherence, resonance and non-locality. The important part is that information is understood as a non-local, coherent structure.

SET  What is non-locality?

EM  When subatomic matter is engaged, entangled in a process and then separated – the various parts remain quantum correlated or entangled.

SET  They remain tangled with each other?

EM  They’re all entangled. Let’s just talk about two particles – but it happens to all particles. If something happens to one, the other one instantly responds even though they are across the universe: that is non-locality.

A discovery of a non-local phenomenon relative to our scale size is called the quantum hologram.

You happen to be familiar with mystical literature and have heard the term ‘Akashic Record’?

SET  The etheric field where all past events are recorded.

EM  Mystical literature says that nature has a history and you can receive that history in the Akashic field. The quantum hologram is a mechanism that allows that to be true. It is the explanation for why we are able to pick up remote information – similar to remote viewing. Virtually every psychic or intuitive event is related to this phenomena. We have seen examples of this resonance between mothers and their children, between identical twins, and between lovers.


SET  How would you describe God?

EM  Well, my concept of God is probably quite different than the normal. The universe that we are in is an intelligent, self-organizing, learning, participatory, interactive, non-locally interconnected evolutionary system. It’s all of those words. So to me – the universe is the body of God, and God is still learning. The evolutionary mind, the consciousness that exists in the universe, is the mind of God. I do not embody God in a being, but in the collective of all that is.

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